The cannabis industry’s finest source on legal and financial operations -Robert Carp
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The Acclaimed Author of The Marijuana Business & Operations Guide

Robert Carp, Esq.

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Welcome to my personal presentation

My Authored Books

IRS §280E and its Application to the Cannabis Industry

The book, “IRS §280E and Its Application to the Cannabis Industry” can save tens of thousands of dollars in taxes annually. Included are six business cases complete with balance sheets, income statements, and sample tax returns demonstrating where to find savings.

The Marijuana Business and Operations Guide

This 340 page book will provide you with everything you need to get started and to grow your cannabis dispensary business.

The Marijuana Business Licensing Guide

Whether applying for a dispensary license, cultivation license, extraction license, cultivation license or ANY kind of cannabis license — here is where you will find the most complete and perfect answers to application questions. Over 400 of the most common questions on applications throughout the United States are addressed. Why spend tens of thousands of dollars for consultants and lawyers, when all the answers are right here in the book?

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Cannabis Business Structure

Best expertise in the industry in the proper corporate structure for taking in investment/debt partners/equity holders, and limiting liability.

Cannabis Business Plans

Business plans that have garnered millions for my clients.

IRS 280E

The leader in IRS 280E documentation, cost accounting and creating the proper corporate structure to limit it’s effects.

The experienced industry expert

Robert Carp is a former High Tech Entrepreneur of the Year and a Harvard trained government scientist. Carp works as a practicing attorney in the Boston area, and is a frequent speaker nationwide on the subject of marijuana business operations, corporate structure and tax issues in the industry. Carp is a prolific author, with his latest book, “The Marijuana Business Operations Guide” leading Amazon’s category for this topic. Carp is also a tax attorney and an Enrolled Agent with the IRS practicing in tax courts around the country.

The experienced industry expert

Carp Law Group.maintains an expertise in the cannabis business that is considered world class. The head of the practice, Robert Carp is a national lecturer on the subject, and has spoken at the largest marijuana business conference five times. Our services to our clients include full turn key applications for dispensaries, cultivation facilities and other grow operations, and working with either current dispensaries or prospective ones to help create operating solutions with manuals, training, and compliance checks. The head of the practice, Robert Carp is the author of the 350 page industry bible, The Marijuana Business Operations Guide, and the soon to be published Cannabis Business Federal Tax Guide. Carp is also the founder of the Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Dispensers Association.

Let me help you with your cannabis business needs

In order to keep clients compliant and protected, Carp’s firm offers a specialized compliance package. They will visit the client’s site for an on site inspection and go through each part of the operation, and provide feedback to the owners on compliance with everything to OSHA issues, local business rules, federal issues, and also the overall operation of the dispensary.

The cannabis industry’s finest source on legal and financial operations

I am an industry expert with 15 years of experience

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Contact: 617-861-4529